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Australian Wine Review: World Class Sweet Wine From Marlborough …

Thankfully I managed to sort that out on Monday, with Andrew pouring all his wines at the mega 3 Winos tasting. While it seems almost cliched to be most wooed by the … What sets this Riesling – which Andrew proudly calls 'just a mental wine ' – apart is that, despite the ridiculous sweetness , it never feels heavy – sure the viscosity of all that rich, uber sweet nectar makes this almost gelatinous in texture, but the acid is still there,

Moldovan – Wine Compass Blog

Following the two World Wars, Russia demand for sweet red wine dominated the Moldova wine production up until Gorbachev's anti-alcohol campaign in the 1980s.Moldovan producers started looking at international¬†…

Chardonnay | Wine Grapes | JancisRobinson.com

In the 1980s something extremely important to the history of wine happened: 'Chardonnay' became a name more familiar to the world's wine buyers than any of the geographically-named wines this vine variety had for centuries produced, such as …

Brava Costa Brava! | Articles | JancisRobinson.com

Such wine as was made was either strong local pink rosado or strong, sweet wines based on Garnatxa in various shades, just like wines such as Banyuls and Rivesaltes made across the Pyrenees in France's Roussillon. After all, Empord√† and … Catalan wines they call Els Pyreneus

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